Get your Williams College embroidered clothing here!

Choose from 12 different embroidered Williams College logo variations, and customize it with a name or number!

Show your support for your favorite team, or your favorite player. Choose free shipping or pick your order up in-store and save an additional 10% off.

Due to COVID and interruptions in supply-chain our online-ordering system for custom embroidery is not currently taking orders. Please CONTACT US to place an order for customer embroidery!

Team Discounts

E-mail and ask about the terrific savings you can get with team discounts.

Williams Logo Customization

You can customize the Williams College logo of your choice further by adding text describing either your sports team, club, Major, or any other affiliation within the College community. (Ex: “Football”,  “Computer Science”)

*Allow 3 weeks for delivery. Inventory subject to availability.

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Men’s Better Sweater Jacket

Stone washed color

Men’s Better Sweater Vest

Stone Wash color

Women Better Sweater Vest

Birch White color