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Everything we do is done with stringent standards for the highest quality. We source all of our products from companies that align with that philosophy. In a world of me too products and fast and easy transactions, we strive to hold to higher standards. That commitment to quality can be seen from our storefront to the brands we stock, the food we serve, and the staff that brings our vision to life.


We take our responsibility to our customers, and the environment that we call our playground seriously! We choose to sell quality products that will stand up to the test of time, and can be passed on, to reduce waste. Most of our products are organic, sustainable, and traceable. We make every effort to reduce our impact on the environment, and don’t unfairly mark-up our products. Sure you can find cheaper product elsewhere, but you won’t find better prices on the products we carry, guaranteed!


To our customers, to our community, and to our environment. It might be easier and more profitable to add some fillers and processed ingredients to our smoothies, or to sell less expensive clothing that has higher mark-ups, but at Nature’s Closet you can be sure that you will receive the best service, the best product, and the best value for your dollar. All that and an experience you won’t ever get on your computer!

A Little Bit About the Owners

Beth McLean

As an area native since she was 10, Beth has made Southern Vermont and the Berkshires her home for over 33 years.  Her and her 17 year old daughter Carleigh,  live just over the border in North Bennington, Vermont.  She has been with Nature’s Closet for over 8 years.  While she has a Bachelors in Psychology and Social Work her passion has always been providing exceptional customer service.  With over 20 years of customer service and retail behind her, her customers will agree she will stop at nothing to get it right for them.
She prides herself as a steward of the Berkshires and Southern Vermont.  She gives back locally where time will allow.  If there is ever a volunteer opportunity or the chance to help other local businesses you’ll  often find her there.  Beth served on the Williamstown Chamber of Commerce for 3 years and helped with a year long commission to the Williamstown Parks and Rec Committee.  (As a big Amy Poehlerr/Parks and Rec fan…she could not turn it down.)  Not to mention it was for an amazing cause.  The commission was tasked with finding out what the community wanted as far as green spaces and parks.
On her days off you will often find her in the kitchen cooking with her daughter or out on the trails with her beloved, Williamstown Willy and Baby Basil (the shop dogs).  On work days you will find the dogs at the Closet ready to get some love from anyone they can.  You will often find an array of 4-legged friends on any given day; Nature’s Closet lets you bring your pets to work.


Stay tuned for Amy’s bio!

A Friendship to a Covid Partnership

Amy and Beth became friends when Beth started working at Nature’s Closet.  Amy had always been a great customer and soon the two were fast friends.  Amy was often coerced into helping Beth with various Nature’s Closet projects from taste testing, product testing and a Fun Run Race coordinating Amy was involved long before they decided to buy the business.   In November of 2019 its current owner, Steve Hinchliffe decided he and his family were moving back to California. Steve had opened up Nature’s Closet in 2003 in its original location of Bennington, Vermont.  His move to Williamstown was prompted by the Bennington By-pass opening and the elimination of traffic in downtown Bennington.   While his move was bittersweet for Beth, as Steve and his family became her “family,” the two knew they could make it work. After lots of late night calls, dinners at Coyote, margaritas and a whole lot of faith…everything worked out and on January 2nd they signed the papers and became the proud owners of Nature’s Closet.
Fast forward to March of 2020…the dreaded year of Covid.  Beth and Amy had high hopes for 2020, new lines were coming in; orders had been ” beefed” up to meet the demands of 2019.  All and all things were shaping up to be a great first year, then the world stopped.  After a few tears and a lot of laughs, Beth and Amy hit the Covid ground running.  During the shutdown they often joked that if they can work together under these circumstances they would be unstoppable.   Both Amy and Beth are committed to having quality goods and services to serve our diverse population, from our beloved locals, students and to the amazing guests that visit our beautiful area Nature’s Closet has you covered.