We bring the mountains to main street, offering high quality outdoor clothing and accessories.

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Everything we do is done with stringent standards for the highest quality. We source all of our products from companies that align with that philosophy. In a world of me-too products and fast and easy transactions, we strive to hold to higher standards. That commitment to quality can be seen from our storefront to the brands we stock and the staff that brings our vision to life.


We take our responsibility to our customers, and the environment that we call our playground seriously! We choose to sell quality products that will stand up to the test of time, and can be passed on, to reduce waste. Most of our products are organic, sustainable, and traceable. We make every effort to reduce our impact on the environment, and don’t unfairly mark-up our products. Sure you can find cheaper product elsewhere, but you won’t find better prices on the products we carry, guaranteed!


To our customers, to our community, and to our environment. It might be easier and more profitable to sell less expensive clothing with higher mark-ups, but at Nature’s Closet, you can be sure that you will receive the best service, the best product, and the best value for your dollar. All that and an experience you won’t ever get on your computer!